How to create an Awesome first profile

You’re probably reading this because you’ve been thinking about signing up to a dating site and are not sure what you should really put in your profile so that’s what I’m going to talk about today. The reason you want to focus on your profile is because that’s your advertising tool and how you’re going to market yourself to the world.

For the past 5 years I’ve been living in Thailand so this article will focus more about how to go about dating Asian girls what you should and shouldn’t do and how to make the most out of it. Again your profile is your canvas and your keyboard is your tool and follow these key points.

  • Be creative
  • Focus on your best attributes
  • Show Photos with other girls in the picture
  • Make sure you write at least 500 words about yourself

Make the Headline of your profile stand out

To make the best impression is to use words in your headline that make you stand out from the crowd. Words like “Unbelievable” and “Extraordinary” while they are probably big words for Thai’s to understand they are in fact words that are going to pop out to your potential dates.

Just because you’ve written one headline doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Your dating profile on a Thai Dating site needs to be tested and if you don’t change the way the headline is written by testing then you’ll never truly know what works and doesn’t work.

Testing your photos

This is where the true magic comes into my foolproof online dating strategy that will seriously net you hundreds of women looking to have a relationship with you in any which way that it is you like to have a relationship.

So to get to the photos you must get several photos of yourself, people think a lot of photos is good and well if you’ve got a lot of really really good photos then sure that’ll work for you, but what works better is if you just use one single photo but have about 20 photos tested. So every 2 days try a new photo, see which one gets you more responses until you’ve figured out the best one then when you have the best one make that your primary photo.

What to write about

The hardest things about the whole profile thing is figuring what to write about. It’s easy to talk about someone else and look at them objectively than it is to look inside yourself to find out what makes you awesome. I like to tell people to be as real as possible and don’t be so crazy about things and especially don’t make up any lies. You might have your best picture forward but simply lying about who you are is just dumb, you’ll get found out.