How to choose boots for different leg shapes

Almost every woman loves to wear boots and nowadays, you even get boots for different seasons. The boot style, fitting and season are in check but about your leg shape. What kind of style do you want to portray with your boots? Do you want to wear what’s trending now or try boots that actually suit your body?

Leg shapes come in shape, O or bow, X, short leg, turnip leg and elephant leg. These names may sound a little demeaning but we all have different leg shapes and imperfections and it’s important we make our stylistic choices based on what would complement our body the best. If you want to make your legs longer or slimmer or make them look thicker and shorter like the ones from Hi-Tec, knowing your leg shape and style can definitely help. A boot can make a huge difference to how your legs look, not only when you wear your miniskirts, but with jeans, tights and long dresses too.

If you have no idea about your leg shape, read on because this is definitely going to help you find the boot that makes you look fabulous!

1.Bow legs

Bow legs are also called O shaped legs. Bow legs are technically a medical deformity characterized by the outward bowing of a person’s legs. The legs are turned outwards in such an angle that they make the appearance of an O or a bow. People who have bow shaped legs can enjoy the benefits of knee high boots as they often tend to divert another person’s attention when they have some cool patterns on them. Furthermore, knee high boots offer some sexiness as well as elegance – this explains why they’re most ladies’ favorite! The heel can be a bit higher than usual, if you feel comfortable with higher heels.

2.X shaped legs

X shaped legs resemble the letter X, which means that when a person stands up he or she brings the knees together but the feet remain apart. Avoid tight thigh boots that stick too close to the skin as it can amplify your leg shape even more and grab extra attention.

3.Short legs

Women with short legs should aim at lengthening their legs; this means more miniskirts and ankle boots and less decoration. If you want higher boots, it’s best to pair them with tights of the same color – this will add the illusion of length.

4.Turnip legs

Having turnip legs simply means that the calf is very thick while the ankle region is quite thin. Most of us aren’t completely proportional but we can definitely rectify areas that seem out of place. For turnip legs, its best to choose a medium boot as it can effectively cover your ankle and most of your calf, thus making an appearance of slimmer and longer legs. Hip and knee high boots are great choices too.

5.Elephant legs

We don’t like this term but it simply means thicker legs. To make your legs appear slimmer, choose boots that have a crease design to create another dimension to your footwear. This will cover most imperfections. Avoid exaggerate designs and stick to something elegant and chic. Avoid flats and heels that are too short. In addition, it’s important you pay attention to the length of your boots too and cover especially the thick parts of your legs. If you’re wearing tight knee length boots, make sure you cover your thighs with tights or a skirt that covers any bulges. Tight boots are great but you need to be able to cover properly.